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Latest works
Latest works
/Drawings, sketches, oil paintings and other/

The latest works of our artists. Check for promotions and discounts on the Gallery page. For questions and orders you can write to our email:

"The charming island of Capri, Italy", mixed media
more Landscapes
more Landscapes from Italy
"The Charming Taormina 1", watercolor
"Palazzo Chiampoli, Taormina", watercolor
"Charming Taormina 2, Mazzaro Beach", watercolor
"Forza d'Agro, Messina, Sicily", watercolor
"Landscape of Umbria 4", watercolor
"Detail from Tuscany 3", watercolor
"Roman Forum, Rome 1", watercolor
"Autumn Landscape with River 1", watercolor
"Autumn Landscape with Forest 5", watercolor
"Autumn Landscape with Road 2", watercolor
"Summer landscape with river 3", watercolor
"Summer landscape with river 4", watercolor
"Autumn Landscape with River 6", watercolor
"Street from the Old Town, Plovdiv 1", watercolor
"Sea Sunset 5", watercolor
"Sea Sunset 6", watercolor
"Snow Peaks 2", watercolor
"Snow Peaks 3", watercolor
"Snow Peaks 1", watercolor
"Still Life with Autumn Fruits 3", oil on canvas
"Still Life with Fruits 1", oil on canvas
"Still life with pomegranates 2", oil on canvas
"Still life with pears 2", oil on canvas
more landscapes
more sea scapes
more still-lifes
"Still life with pomegranates 3", oil on canvas
"Vase with chrysanthemums 1", watercolor
more Works with Horses
"Horse Head 10", mixed graphic media
"Horse Head 12", mixed graphic media
"Horse Head 11", mixed graphic media
"Free Horses 27", mixed graphic media
"Rooster 23", oil on canvas
more Works with Animals
"The Storm 1", triptych watercolor
"The Storm 2", triptych watercolor
"The Storm 3", triptych watercolor
"Irises 1", watercolor
"Peonies 1", watercolor
"Poppies 1", watercolor
"Snow Peaks 6", watercolor
"Snow Peaks 5", watercolor
"Snow Peaks 4", watercolor
"Winter Sunset 2", watercolor
"Winter Sunset 3", watercolor
"Winter Sunrise 1", watercolor
"Winter Tale 4", watercolor
"Autumn Landscape 4", watercolor
more Works with Birds
more Landscapes
more Still-lifes with Flowers
"Bird 36", watercolor
"We the Sparrows", watercolor
"Bird 35", watercolor
more Ballet and Dance
"Ballerina in Blue 19", watercolor
"Ballerina 20", watercolor
"Ballerina - Butterfly 1", oil on canvas
"Ballerina 18", watercolor
"Ballerina in Carmine 1", watercolor
"Ballerina in White 19", oil on canvas
"Landscape from Vitosha Mountain 1", oil on canvas
"Landscape from Vitosha - Jeleznitza 2", oil on canvas
"Landscape from Vitosha - Jeleznitza 1", oil on canvas
"Act 70", mixed graphic technique
"Act 69 - in front of the mirror", mixed graphic technique
"Act 71 - on the beach", mixed graphic technique
"Act 66 - Jungle", mixed graphic technique
"Act 68 - after a shower", mixed graphic technique
"Act 67 - on the beach", mixed graphic technique