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On this page we publish works by artists from the studio "Ludinel" in design and design. You will find scenography projects implemented by various theater companies. Also studio Our design projects for print advertising (posters, flyers, business cards, catalogs, invitations, tickets, diplomas, etc.)., Logo, spatial layout (exhibitions, clubs, playgrounds, offices, pubs, restaurants and more. ). We started with the design of a Christmas bazaar outdoors. During the years 1989 and 1995 crafted jewelry from natural materials and precious metals. We started researching the folk tvorchetvo in the manufacture of jewelry. Later we found invaluable treasure of folk art, folklore and traditions. We are interested in the artistic elements, stage, costumes and ritual objects. The most detailed we studied parvomartenskata rituals. Bulgarian amulet - martenitsa has long been known in the world. Since 1999. make annual exhibition - bazaar martenitsa. This is our modest contribution to the preservation and promotion of this custom (more - in the link "Bulgaria-customs'). Our studio prepares and conducts joint and solo exhibitions. We are painters, but also work in areas such as graphics, painted textiles, murals, ceramics, illustration, jewelery (with base metals). Studies on interdisciplinary projects from different fields of art and education. Teach private lessons in art and theater forms. To every child our approach is individual and is consistent with its interests and desires. We strive for equality between us and the children, looking for their understanding and friendship. The idea is to make the communication of children with art in celebration.

"Ludinel" studio had participations in exhibitions of textile in 1994 in "Arta" gallery, 1996 - common exhibition of ladies' accessories (painted textile, hats, jewels) organized by the famous modist Irina Sardareva. We make hand-painted clothes, scarves, tablecloths, underclothes and others. We paint silk, cotton and fabric. We work also on ideas and order of the client. The price is defined by the work price and the transportation expenses. We aspire to low prices and fine quality. Send us the letter with Your order and we'll write You the price and the additional data, needed for the deal. Our E-mail You can find in the link "Contact us".
Painted textile
The "Ludinel" team works in the stage design since 1993, The scenography of the first outdoor opera in Sofia - "King and carpenter" - the town of Saardam is based on our project. As assistant-scenographers of Jorg Broehbull (Germany) we worked on the opera "Abduction from the Saraglio" from Mozart - 1994. With it the SMT (State Music Theater) - Sofia we've had a tour in Switzerland. As students in NBU (New Bulgarian University) we participated in workshops, seminars and performances. With our class- and course mates we worked on combined projects of our group "Platform - S". In 2001 we made the scenography for the performance of the Satiric Theater in Sofia "Figures for clarinet" based on texts from Stanislav Stratiev. "Everything about my father" is the heading of the author-play of Merry Shiekova, who is also student in NBU - "Theater" department. We designed and created the sets. The premiere was on 27 January 2004. We were invited for consulting the director of the play "Servents' comedy" of Teddy Moskov, which took prise at the theatrical festival in Avignon - France.
We take orders for projects through the Internet, too. Our E-mail You can find in the link "Contact us".
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Write us at e-mail adress: ludinel@abv.bg
or ludinelbg@gmail.com

Web design
Other design
In this part we'll show You our work in the sphere of printed advertising, making martenitsas, jewels and amulets.
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