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Take the bull by the golf!, oil-painting
"Barbecue", oil on canvas
"Boat on the Nile", oil on canvas

"20 pound", oil on canvas
"The Wild West", oil on canvas
"Footballers - soccer-players", oil on canvas
"Newsreader", oil on canvas

"Saint George", oil on canvas

Boat on the Nile, oil-painting
20 pound, oil-painting
Barbecue, oil-painting
The Wild West, oil-painting
Newsreader, oil-painting
Saint George, oil-painting
Cow-boy, oil-painting
"Cow-boy", oil on canvas
"Saints Cyril and Methodius",
oil on canvas
Saints Cyril and Methodius, oil-painting
"Saint Demetrius", oil on canvas

Saint Demetrius, oil-painting
"Saint Nicolas", oil on canvas

Saint Nicolas, oil-painting
Footballers - soccer-players, oil-painting
Cow-boy & bear, oil-painting
"Cow-boy & bear", oil on canvas
Parrot, oil-painting
"Parrot", oil on canvas
"Take the bull by the golf!", oil on canvas

Saint John of Rila, oil-painting
"Saint John of Rila",
oil on canvas

This is oil paintings on canvas and wooden frames. Subjects in the works, are inspiring on childrenĺs drawings with various subject-matter. I strive try render childrenĺs purity and artless with images, simple line and symbols. Whenever we look back on the past to be apt child with everyone of us, we open guiltlessness and emotional loading at beautifuly freedom from encumbrance of this harmonious world.
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"┼lephant", oil on canvas
"Tortoise", oil on canvas
oil on canvas
"Fish", oil on canvas
"The King of Frogs," oil paints

"The snail with the house", oil paints
"Color frogs", oil paints
"The Little Prince 1", watercolor
The Little Prince
"The Little Prince 2", watercolor

"The Little Prince 3", watercolor
"The Little Prince 5", watercolor
"The Little Prince 4", mixed media
"The Little Prince 6", watercolor
"Barbecue" - detail, oil paints
"The Little Prince 8", watercolor
"The Little Prince 7", watercolor