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In this part of the virtual gallery we present guest friends, colleagues, people interested in the sphere of culture. If Your profession or hobby is artistic and You would like to be guest of our site, check the conditions for participation. Our first guest is a young student of ours. That's the mathematician and artist.

Luben Dimitrov

C. V.
He was born in Sofia. Since 1995 he studies fine arts with Nelly Nenova. He's interested in: foreign languages, math, arts, fantasy, Shakespeare, Greek mythology, meteorology, ecology, biology.
We introduce You a genial Bulgarian writer, the classical of the Bulgarian literature, 

Yordan Radichkov

C. V.
He was born on 24 October 1929 in the little village Kalimantsi (Berkovian). He works as a journalist and reporter in the papers: "People's youth" and "Evening news" in the 50's. In literature he starts with his medley "The hearth beats for the people" in 1959 and on stage with "Chaos", play, written in 1966. He's the author of some more plays, many novelettes and short stories. His characters go all over the world. "Ferocious spirits", "Unsanctified yards", "The wind of calmness", "Gunpowder primer", "Memories about horses", "The tinny cock", "Camel", "Noah's Ark" and many others. The films "The bounded zeppelin", "Last summer", "Hot lunchtime". He passed in one of the most Bulgarian months on his opinion - January, in 2004.

Elitca Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov

C. V.
This unique bulgarian duet - Elitca Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov is formed in 2003. The musicians embed in their art the incredible beauty and riches of Bulgarian folklore and jazz, drum'n'bass, ethno-motives and classics. They're extraordinary executants and improvisers. They've been touring around the world for four years, presenting their original music.

Plasido Domingo

C. V.
Love is at work, is curious, never showing fatigue. Only briefly at one point was worried because of colon cancer, but managed to beat him. Despite rumors, he is still married since 1962 to his second wife - the former Mexican soprano Martha Orleas. "If the rest will fall apart", wrote on his site on the Internet. And it is not accidental that works and today, 70 th birthday, when the Spanish royal family will celebrate his jubilee gala concert in Madrid Theatre "Real". We suggest you to de enjoy the performance of his colleagues and friends of the jubilee concert of the great tenor.
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