This wonderful world
This wonderful world
/drawings, sketches, oil canvases/

These are paintings and drawings from different and very beautiful places from all over the world. Each place has its own charm and unique atmosphere. Here you will find the views of Bulgarian artists who are inspired by these breathtaking landscapes.
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"Port of Pozzuoli 3", watercolor
"Istanbul, Turkey 4", oil on canvas
"Istanbul, Turkey 5", oil on canvas
"Kusadasi, Turkey 1", oil on canvas
"Provence 22", oil paints on canvas
"Hawaiian Waves 1", oil on canvas
"Provence, France - detail 1", oil on canvas
"La Sagrada Familia" - Barcelona, watercolor
"The Spanish Steps in Rome", oil on canvas
"Landscape from Tuscany 4", oil on canvas
"Hawaiian Waves 2", oil on canvas
"Fiji Islands", oil on canvas
"Sea sunset over Pomorie, Bulgaria", watercolor
"French Riviera Terrace 1", oil on canvas
"MNAC Gallery" - Barcelona, watercolor
"The Arc de Triomphe" - Barcelona, watercolor
"Landscape from Tuscany 1", watercolor
"Amalfi - panorama" - Italy, oil paints on canvas
"Landscape with a boat - Kamari, Santorini", watercolor
"The Marvelous Cliffs of the Isle of Capri, Italy", watercolor
"California Beach 13", oil on canvas
"Seashore 1", oil paints on canvas
"The Arc de Triomphe" Paris, oil on canvas
"France - street arch", watercolor
"Landscape from Budapest 2", watercolor
"Landscape from Budapest 1", watercolor
"Landscape from Malta 1", watercolor
More paintings
from Italy
"Roofs of Paris", oil on canvas
"Old Busana 10", Liguria - Italy, oil on canvas
"Vienna - Museum of Natural History", oil on canvas
"Vienna - Schonbrunn Palace", oil on canvas
"Dubrovnik, Croatia - 1", oil on canvas
"Old Busana, Liguria, Italy", oil on canvas
"Village in the Rhodopes", oil paints on canvas
"Porto Maurizio, Liguria, Italy", oil on canvas
"Landscape from Madrid 2", watercolor
"Landscape from Madrid 1", watercolor
"Landscape from Prague 2", watercolor
"Winter landscape 5", watercolor
"London Landscape 1", watercolour
"Landscape from Spain 2", watercolor
"Landscape from Prague 1", watercolor
More paintings
from France
"Winter landscape 3", watercolor
"Winter landscape 4", watercolor
"Eagles Bridge, Sofia 1", watercolor
More paintings
from Bulgaria
"Monastery in Meteora, Greece 1", mixed media
"Summer in Santorini 3", mixed media
"Summer in Santorini 2", mixed media
"Summer in Santorini 1", mixed media
"Summer in Santorini 6", oil on canvas
"Summer in Santorini 7", oil on canvas
More paintings
from Greece
"Istanbul, Turkey 2", oil on canvas
"Edirne Bridge, Turkey 1", oil on canvas
"Istanbul, Turkey 3", oil on canvas