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Greece is a country that has inspired many artists from around the world to transform its coziness, landscapes, history, culture and traditions into their paintings. On this page we present paintings and drawings by Bulgarian artists who have painted landmarks from Greece. The works are made with different materials and in different techniques. There are many oil paintings, as well as watercolor and mixed media drawings.
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"Rock Monastery in Meteora 2", mixed media
"Detail of a church in Santorini 2", graphic mixed media
"Oia, Santorini 2", mixed media graphic
"Santorini Detail 2", mixed media graphic
"Santorini detail 1", mixed media graphic
"Oia, Santorini 1", mixed media graphic
"Detail of a church in Santorini 1", graphic mixed media
"Rock Houses", oil on canvas
"Oia, Santorini", watercolor
"Santorini - Church", oil on canvas
Залез над Санторини
"Sunset over Santorini", oil on canvas
"Kavala - street", mixed media
"Kavala's Old Town", mixed media
"House in Kavala", mixed media
"Olympic Beach, Greece 1", mixed media
"The church in Olympic Beach, Greece", mixed media
"Olympic Beach, Greece 2", mixed media
"Church in Kavala", mixed media with coffee
"Church in Santorini 2", mixed media
"Rock Monastery in Meteora 1", mixed media
"Big Meteor", mixed media
"Thessaloniki, landscape with the White Tower", watercolor

"Thessaloniki, Landscape with Aristotle Square", watercolor

"Thessaloniki, landscape with the Arch of Galerius", watercolor