The landscapes are painted with different materials and techniques. There are many oil canvases as well as mixed-technique paintings. All of them show splendid spots in Bulgaria end arond the World. They're based on my sketches, photos and paintings which I've amassed over time. It's a great pleasure to paint our unique nature and the magnificent Bulgarian renaissance architecture. Our houses keep not only the traditions of an ancient nation with millenium history, but the warmth of home coziness too.
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"Old Stefanovo Spring", oil on canvas
"Krushuna Waterfalls, Bulgaria 1", watercolor
"Krushuna Waterfalls, Bulgaria 1", oil on canvas
"Landscape with river 8", oil on canvas
"Waterfall 4", oil on canvas
"Landscape from Vitosha Mountain 1", oil on canvas
"Landscape from Vitosha - Railway 1", oil on canvas
"Landscape from Vitosha - Railway 2", oil on canvas
"Winter Tale 4", watercolor
"Autumn Landscape 4", watercolor
more Landscapes
"Winter Sunset 2", watercolor
"Winter Sunrise 1", watercolor
"Winter Sunset 3", watercolor
"Snow Peaks 4", watercolor
"Snow Peaks 6", watercolor
"Snow Peaks 5", watercolor
"The Storm 3", triptych watercolor
"The Storm 2", triptych watercolor
"The Storm 1", triptych watercolor
"Waterfall 2", watercolor
"Waterfall 3", watercolor
"Himalayas, Broad Peak Peak", oil on canvas
"Himalayas, Nanga Prabang Peak", oil on canvas
"Sunset in the Alps", oil on canvas
"Sunset in the Alps, Matterhorn", oil on canvas
"Himalayas, Lhotse Peak", oil on canvas
"Sunset over the Chilean Andes", oil on canvas
"Rila - late autumn", oil on canvas
"Pirin, Kamenitza peak", oil on canvas
"Winter Tale - 3", oil on canvas
"Winter Tale - 1", oil on canvas
"Winter Tale - 2", oil on canvas
"Winter in Bozhentsi village", watercolor
More Landscapes from Bulgaria
"Snow Peaks 3", watercolor
"Snow Peaks 1", watercolor
"Snow Peaks 2", watercolor
"Roman Forum 1, Rome", watercolor
"Autumn Landscape with Forest 5", watercolor
"Street from the Old Town, Plovdiv 1", watercolor
"Landscape with the river 4", watercolor
"Landscape with the river 6", watercolor
"Landscape with the river 5", watercolor
"Autumn - 1", panel - mixed media
"Autumn - 2", panel - mixed media
Landscapes - print art
More Landscapes from Bulgaria
"Winter Zheravna village", mixed media with coffee
"Winter Tryavna", mixed media with coffee
"Leshten village", mixed media with coffee
more pictures with coffee
"Budapest - from the Fisherman's Towers", mixed media with coffee
"Prague - Charles Bridge", mixed media with coffee
"Vienna - Saint Stephen's Square", mixed media with coffee
"Barcelona - Gothic Quarter", mixed media with coffee
"Gondolas of Venice", mixed media with coffee
"Street in Paris", mixed media with coffee