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Beautiful Italy
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These are paintings and drawings from various regions of Italy. Each home has its own charm and beauty. Here you will find the views of Bulgarian Artists for views from Liguria, Tuscany, Sicily, Amalfi, Veneto, Sardinia, Puglia and others.
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"Пейзаж от Поцуоли 2", акварел
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from Italy
"The Canals of Venice 15", watercolor
"The Canals of Venice 17", watercolor
"The Canals of Venice 16", watercolor
"Sunset over the Venetian Lagoon 8", watercolor
"Mazzaro Beach, Taormina", watercolor
"The Port of Vernazza 1", mixed media
"Sunset over Venice 8", watercolor
"Canals of Venice 4", watercolor
"Bridges of Venice 6", watercolor
"Venice - Grand Canal 3", watercolor
"Palazzo Ciampoli, Taormina", watercolor
"Umberto Street, Taormina", watercolor
"Tuscany - detail 3", watercolor
"Sardinia Island - Beach 1", watercolor
"Landscape from the island of Capri 2", watercolor
"Venice - Gondola 12", watercolor
"Venice - Gondola 11", watercolor
"Bridges of Venice 10", watercolor
"The Canals of Venice 7", watercolor
"Landscape from Umbria 3", watercolor
"Landscape from Umbria 2", watercolor
"Umbria - detail 4", watercolor
"Forza d'Agro, Sicily - detail 1", watercolor
"Taormina - detail 1", watercolor
"Sunrise over Venice 7", mixed media
"Canals of Venice 1", watercolor
"The Canals of Venice 2", watercolor
"Landscape from Sorrento 1", watercolor
"The Port of Vernazza 2", mixed media
"Port of Pozzuoli 3", watercolor
"Cefalu, Sicily 1", watercolor
"Landscape from Tuscany 2", watercolor
"Landscape from Tuscany 1", watercolor
"Landscape from Umbria 1", watercolor
"Landscape from Pozzuoli 1", watercolor
"Landscape from Lake Como 2", watercolor
"Landscape from Lake Como 1", watercolor
"Street in Gella, Sicily 1", watercolor
"Landscape from the island of Capri 3", mixed media
"Landscape from Porto Maurizio", watercolor
"Landscape from Portofino 1", watercolor
"Landscape from Pozzuoli 2", watercolor
"Landscape from the island of Capri 1", watercolor
"Roman Forum 1, Rome", watercolor
"Detail from Saint Paul de Vance, Provence 3", watercolor
"A small square in Provence 2", watercolor
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