France and Reviera

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Франция е страна дала много от най-големите художници в историята на изобразителното изкуство. Френската курлтура и архитектура се ценят от много хора от цял свят. Те се обединяват под определението "франкофони". На тази страница ви представяме картини и рисунки на български художници, рисували забележителни места от Франция (Прованс, Френската Ривиера и Париж). Творбите са изпълнени с различни материали и в различни техники. Има много маслени платна, както и рисунки с акварел и смесена техника.
"Riviera 1 - detail", oil on canvas
"Provence, France 8", watercolor
"Riviera, France 15", watercolor
"Provence, France - a door", watercolor
"Provence, France 10 - window", watercolor
"Provence, France 3 - door", watercolor
"Provence, France 6 - door", watercolor
"Provence, France 1 - portal", watercolor
"Provence, France 13 - fountain", watercolor
"Provence, France 12", watercolor
"Riviera, Saint Paul de Vence 1", oil on canvas
"Riviera, Saint Paul de Vance - detail", oil on canvas
"Riviera, Saint Paul de Vance", oil on canvas
"Riviera, Saint Paul de Vance 15", oil on canvas
"Riviera, Saint Paul de Vance - panorama", oil on canvas
"Riviera, Saint Paul de Vance 4", oil on canvas
"Riviera, Saint Paul de Vance 2", oil on canvas
"Riviera, Saint Paul de Vance 3", oil on canvas
"Riviera 23", oil on canvas
"Riviera 20", oil on canvas
"Riviera 19", oil on canvas
"Riviera 21", oil on canvas
"Riviera 28", oil on canvas
"Provence 27 - lavender fields", oil on canvas
"Riviera 26 - detail with a bicycle", oil on canvas
"Paris 1 - panorama", oil on canvas
"Paris - The Arc de Triomphe", oil on canvas
"Provence, France 5 - detail", watercolor
"Provence, France 2 - detail", watercolor
"Provence, France 11", watercolor
"Provence, France 24 - detail", watercolor
Saint Paul de Vence, Riviera 14, watercolor
"Provence, France 4 - bicycle", watercolor
More from Mediterranean
"Riviera, France 16", watercolor
"Riviera, France 17", watercolor
"Riviera, France 18", watercolor
"Provence, France 9", watercolor
"Provence, France 25", watercolor
"The symbol of Paris", mixed media
France is a country that has produced many of the greatest artists in the history of fine arts. French culture and architecture are valued by many people around the world. They are grouped under the definition of "Francophones". On this page we present paintings and drawings by Bulgarian artists who painted remarkable places from France (Provence, the French Riviera and Paris). The works are made of different materials and in different techniques. There are many oil paintings, as well as watercolor and mixed media paintings.
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