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The paintings from the exhibition "The Beauty of Bulgaria" are filled with different materials and in various techniques. There are many oil paintings as well as mixed media drawings. They all show fabulous corners of our country. They are made from sketches, drawings and photos by Bulgarian artists. It is a great pleasure for us to paint our unique nature, the beautiful Bulgarian Revival architecture of our old houses. They preserve not only the traditions of an ancient people with a thousand-year history, but also keep the warmth of home. This has always inspired and inspired pride and self-confidence.
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"Autumn in Bozhentsi 1", watercolor
"Spring Kovachevitsa 2", oil on canvas
"Spring Kovachevitsa", oil on canvas

"Sea", oil on canvas
"Autumn in Shiroka Laka", oil on canvas

"The Stone Wedding", oil on canvas
"Beach - Sozopol", mixed media
"Church - Nessebar 1", mixed media
"Church - Nessebar 2"
  mixed media
"The sea 2", mixed media
"Nessebar - Christ Pantocrator - 2", mixed media
"The sea 1", mixed media
"Winter in Bozhentsi"
mixed media
"Nessebar - Christ Pantocrator", mixed media
"Koprivshtitsa in autumn", mixed media
"Koprivshtitsa - street", mixed media
"Koprivshtitsa in spring", mixed media
"Houses in Koprivshtitsa", mixed media
"Roofs," oil on canvas
"Winter in Koprivshtitsa", oil on canvas
"Winter in Koprivshtitsa", oil on canvas

"Bridge in Koprivshtitsa", oil on canvas
"Autumn in Koprivshtitsa", oil on canvas
"Koprivshtitsa houses", oil on canvas
Landscapes from Bulgaria
"Winter in Koprivshtitsa", oil on canvas
"Autumn in Bozhentsi 2", watercolor
"Autumn in village 2", watercolor
"Spring at the country ranch", oil on canvas
"Autumn at the country ranch", watercolor
"Al. Nevsky Cathedral 2", watercolor
"Al. Nevsky Cathedral 3", watercolor
"Al. Nevsky Cathedral 4", watercolor
"National Theater, Sofia", oil on canvas
"The vineyard and grandfather's house", oil on canvas
"Winter in the village 4", watercolor
"Winter in the village 3", watercolor
"Winter in the village 5", watercolor
"Lion bridge Square 4", oil paints
"Eagles bridge Square 6", oil paints
"Gardin of Saint Sophia 2", oil paints
"John the Baptist Church, Nessebar", watercolor
"Autumn in Zlatograd town 1", watercolor
"Street in Melnik town 1", watercolor
"By the river Tryavna town 2", watercolor
"Spring in the village 3", watercolor
"Spring in the village 2", watercolor
more Landscapes from Sofia