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more artworks with coffee
Боб Марли
In this section we offer portraits by Bulgarian artists of famous people. They are painted with different materials and techniques.
You can order a portrait for yourself or a loved one. The material, size and price are specified with the artist via the specified email. Then a portrait request is submitted again by email, attaching several quality photos of the person for the portrait. The artist selects one and returns an email with the guarantor's choice. With the last letter from the guarantor, the order is started. 50% of the total value is paid by specifying with the Ludinel gallery team how the payment will be made. After receiving the down payment, the portrait is started, specifying the deadline for production and delivery.
For questions and orders, you can write to us at our email:

"Albert Einstein", mixed media
Алберт Айнщайн
Чарли Чаплин
"Charlie Chaplin 1", mixed media
Чарли Чаплин
"Charlie Chaplin 2", mixed media
Салвадор Дали
Тина Търнър
Елвис Пресли
Фреди Меркюри
Ърнест Хемингуей
Луис Армстронг
Майкъл Джексън
Рей Чарълз
"Salvador Dali 1", ink and pen
"Ernest Hemingway", mixed media - watercolor and tobacco leaves
"Елвис Пресли 1", смесена техника с кафе

"Stevie Wonder 1", mixed media with coffee
"Michael Jackson 1", mixed media with coffee
"Bob Marley 1", mixed media with coffee
"Louis Armstrong 1", mixed media with coffee
"Тина Търнър 1", mixed media with coffee

"Freddie Mercury 1", mixed media with coffee
"Ray Charles 1", mixed media with coffee
"Salvador Dali 3", ink and pen
"Salvador Dali 2", ink and pen
"Guitarist", mixed media
"Saxophonist", mixed media
"Accordionist", mixed media

"Charlie Chaplin 3", mixed media
"The Beatles 1", mixed media
"Audrey Hepburn", graphic technique
"Portrait of a woman 2", mixed media
"Portrait of a man 1", mixed media
"Portrait of a woman 3", mixed media