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In this section we offer portraits of Bulgarian artists of celebrities. They are painted with different materials and techniques. For more information and questions:
Check for promotions and discounts on the Gallery page. For questions and orders you can write to our email:

Charlie Chaplin
"Albert Einstein", mixed media
Albert Einstein
"Charlie Chaplin 1", mixed media

Charlie Chaplin
"Charlie Chaplin 2", mixed media
Salvador Dali
The Beatles
Tina Turner
Bob Marley
Elvis Presley
Freddie Mercury
Ernest Hemingway
Louis Armstrong
Michael Jackson
Ray Charalz
"The Beatles 1", mixed media
"Salvador Dali 1", ink and pen

"Ernest Hemingway" mixed media - watercolor and leaf tobacco
"Elvis Presley 1" mixed media
"Стиви Уондър 1", смесена техника

"Michael Jackson 1", mixed media

"Bob Marley 1", mixed media

"Louis Armstrong 1", mixed media

"Tina Turner 1", mixed media

"Freddie Mercury 1", mixed media

"Ray Charalz 1", mixed media