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Latest works
Latest works
/Drawings, sketches, oil paintings and other/

Latest works of our artists. 
Promotional prices for May and June 2020 - discounts up to 10 to 35%. For questions and orders you can write to our email:

"Old Bridge in Tryavna," oil on canvas
"Owl", oil on canvas
"Owl 1", watercolor
"Owl 2", watercolor
"The Three Tenors", mixed graphics media
"Raven 2", mixed graphics media
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"Рибарче 1", маслени бои
"Raven 1", mixed graphics media
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Лято край реката
Зимна приказка 3
Гора край морето
Свети Седмочисленици, София
Храм Александър Невски
"The Church Seven Saints, Sofia", watercolors
"Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Sofia", oil on canvas
"Forest by the Sea", watercolor
"Winter Fairy Tale 3", oil on canvas
"Winter Fairy Tale 2", oil on canvas
"Summer by the River", oil on canvas
"Tango 4", oil on canvas
"Tango 3", oil on canvas
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"Tango 10", oil on canvas
"Ballerina 1", oil on canvas
"Flamenco 1", oil on canvas
"Tango 9", oil on canvas
"Free horse 66", graphic technique
"Horse Head 8", graphic technique
"Horse Head 9", graphic technique
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"Colors of Spring 11", watercolor
"Colors of Spring 10", watercolor
"Colors of Spring 12", watercolor
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"Spring in Nessebar 1", oil paints
"Spring in the field", oil paints
"Spring in  Leshten village 4", oil paints
more paintings
"Still life with flowers 1", watercolor
"Still life with lilac", watercolor
"Still life with violets 3", watercolor

"Fuego flamenco 3", watercolor
"Fuego flamenco 2", watercolor
"Fuego flamenco 1", watercolor
"Flamenco Dancer 2", mixed media
"Flamenco Dancer 4", mixed media
"Flamenco Dancer 3", mixed media
"Ballerina in white 14", oil on canvas
"Ballerina in white 15", mixed media
"Tango 15", oil on canvas