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Latest works
Latest works
/Drawings, sketches, oil paintings and other/

Latest works of our artists. Promotional prices - discounts up to 10% from 2 to 5 works and to 20% when buying 6 to over 10 paintings.

more works
more works
"Act on the beach", oil on canvas
"Old Bridge in Tryavna," oil on canvas
"Houses in Kovachevitsa"
oil on canvas
"Old Stefanovo Spring", oil on canvas
"Sea", oil on canvas
"The River", oil on canvas
"Kovachevitsa Spring", oil on canvas
"Spring Mood", oil on canvas
"Krushuna waterfalls",
mixed media, D. Petrov
more works
more works
"Woman with a Towel",
oil on canvas
"Backlight", oil on canvas
"National Theatre, Sofia", graphic
"Temple-monument Al. Nevski, Sofia", graphic
"Eagle Bridge, Sofia", graphic
"Melnik - houses," graphic
"Melnik - street", graphic
"Nessebar", graphic
Daisies 1
Ballerina in white 11
Bob Marley
Charlie Chaplin 1
Walk in the Park
Winter village 2
Winter village 1
Winter village 3
Michael  Jackson
Wild horses - sunset
Daisies 2
Cup with roses
Tango 2
The Beatles
Head of horse 2
Head of horse 3
Albert Einstein
Ballerina in white 1
"Winter village 1", watercolor
"Winter village 3", watercolor
"Winter village 2", watercolor
"Winter in Bojentsi" mixed graphics technology
"Plovdiv" mixed graphics technology
"Winter in Zheravna", mixed graphics technology
"The Beatles 1", mixed media
"Charlie Chaplin 1" mixed media
"Albert Einstein", mixed media
"Michael Jackson 1", mixed media
"Ernest Hemingway 1," mixed media
"Bob Marley 1", mixed media
more works
more works
"Head of horse 3", watercolor
"Wild horses - sunset", oil on canvas
"Head of horse 2", watercolor
"Ballerina in white 11", oil on canvas
"Tango 2", oil on canvas
"Ballerina in white 1" oil on canvas
more works
"Daisies 2", panel of silk
"Daisies 1", panel of silk
"Rose", oil on canvas
"A cup of roses", oil on canvas
more works
more works
"Rooster", oil on canvas
"Walk in the Park", oil on canvas
more works
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
още картини
Tango 4
Tango 3
Ballerina 1
Winter Tale 2
Winter Tale 3
A forest by the sea
The Church of the Holy Seventy-Catholitics
"The Church of the Holy Seventy-Catholitics, Sofia", watercolor
"Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia", oil paintings
"A forest by the sea", watercolor
"Winter Tale 3", oil painting
"Winter Tale 2", oil paintings
"Summer by the River", oil paint
"Tango 4", oil paint
"Tango 3", oil paint
"Ballerina 1", oil paint
more works
Summer by the River