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The Horses
The horses
/drawings, sketches, oil/
Black and white drawing end painting of one most beautiful animal of the world - the horse. These are paintings and drawings made after 2000 by Bulgarian artists.
Promotional prices for May and June 2020 - discounts up to 10 to 35%. For questions and orders you can write to our email:

Wild horses - sunset
"Wild horses - sunset", oil on canvas
"Free horses", ink and brush

"Horse race 1", ink and brush
Волни коне, рисунка, туш четка
Гонка 1, рисунка, туш четка
"Freedom", ink and brush

"Horse race 4", ink and brush
свобода, рисунка, туш четка
Гонка 2, рисунка, туш четка
Волни коне-2, рисунка, туш четка
"Free horses 5", ink and brush
"Two-wheeler", mixed media

"Race 3", mixed media

Двуколка, рисунка, туш, акрил и перо от гълъб
Надпревара, рисунка, туш, акрил и перо от гълъб
"Towards victory", mixed media
"Race 4", mixed media
Към победата, рисунка, туш, акрил и перо от гълъб
Гонка-4, рисунка, туш, акрил и перо от гълъб
Гонка-3, рисунка, туш, акрил и перо от гълъб
"Race", mixed media
"Horse race 2", ink and brush
"Free horses 9", ink and brush
"Race - 2", ink and brush
"Race - 3", ink and brush
"Horse race - 3", ink and brush
"Horses", oil on canvas
"Horse Run - 14", ink and dove feather
"Free horses 2", ink and dove feather
"Horse Run - 16", ink and dove feather
"Horse Run 17", ink and brush
"Horse Run 15", ink and brush
"Horse Run 18", ink and brush
"Free horses 24", ink and brush
"Horse Run 13", graphic technique
"Horse Run 11", graphic technique
"Free horses 22", graphic technique
"Horse Run 12", graphic technique
"Horse Run 9", graphic technique
"Horse Head 8", graphic technique
"Horse Head 9", graphic technique
"Horse Run 66", graphic technique
"Free horse 2", graphic technique
"Free horse 1", graphic technique
"Horse Head 3", graphic technique
"Horse's head - 1", watercolor
"Horse's head - 2", watercolor
"Horse's head - 3", watercolor
"Horse's head - 4", watercolor

"Horse head - 6A", mixed media
"Horse's head - 5", ink and dove feather
"Horse - 4", ink and dove feather
"Horse - 3", ink and brush
"Free horses - 1", ink and brush
"Horse - 2", ink and brush
"Horse head - 7A", mixed media

"Free horse 5", oil on canvas
"Free horses - 23", ink and brush
"Free horses - 25", ink and dove feather
"Horse Run 10", graphic technique
"Horse Run 65", graphic technique
Глава на кон, скица, молив
"Horse Head 6," pencil
Преди старта, скица, молив
"The Jockeys", pencil
"Horse Head 15," pencil