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Still life with flowers
/ Oil on canvas, water color, mixed media, textil paintings/

On this page we publish paintings and drawings of Bulgarian artists inspired by the beauty of the flowers. The works are painted with oil paints, watercolor, mixed technique, textile paints. Enjoy them!

"Flower Poppies 4", watercolor
"Flower 1", watercolor
"Roses 2", oil on canvas
"Daisies 3", watercolor
"Still life with daisies", watercolor
"Daisies 1", watercolor
"Daisies 2", watercolor
"Flower Poppies 2", watercolor
"Still life with flowers 1", oil on canvas
"Still life with flowers 2", oil on canvas
"Cup with Roses", oil on canvas
"Colors of Spring," oil on canvas
"Vase with flowers", oil on canvas
"Vase with roses", oil on canvas
"Rose", oil on canvas
"Daisies 1", a wall of silk
Маргарити 1
Маргарити 2
"Daisies 2", a wall of silk
"Still life with sunflowers", oil on canvas

"Flower Poppies 3", watercolor
"Flower Poppies 1", watercolor