Dimitar Petrov /paintings exhibition/

From 18 February to 1 March 2002. in the gallery of the City Library passed a painting exhibition on the works of famous Bulgarian writer Yordan Raditchkov. With 24 oil paintings painter Dimitar Petrov presented their works. They were divided thematically into three cycles - "Learning to Fly in pupavo time," "As birds of God" and "Fly in the head." "In the last thoughts" buzz "in the head until they are shared. Then they fly to provoke, to confuse, to conquer someone else's mind. Each river becomes increasingly dirty and full of junk to its mouth. Our lives also runs and fills with silt ... This is the cycle "as birds of God" and the title of the exhibition "river of life." The paintings of "Learning to fly in pupavo time" are flights to a fantasy world filled with kindness and love, the world - distant from earth our claims. Despite the "pupavoto time" (which just filling the stomach, but nothing bears) love, dreams and our hopes are to the other - the spiritual world. Do we have not RADICHKOV heroes? ... Do you love will save the world ?! ... - by widget exhibition. The works were painted in 2001 and 2002. and are filled with a technique typical of watercolors. they are the stories and novels of writer put it. The very author supported the project and attended with his family at the opening. Academician Svetlin Rusev opened the exhibition. The preparation it took more than two years. Besides our means three companies supported the project. Promotional materials and the arrangement we made. It was a dream realized.
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"The River of Life"
"Wolf apple", oil on canvas
"Along the rainbow", oil on canvas
"Blast", oil on canvas
"Life's dust", oil on canvas
"Moustache", oil on canvas
"Ikar", oil on canvas
"Predatory", oil on canvas
"Yeroglif", oil on canvas
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"Clouds", oil on canvas
"Frog", oil on canvas
"The D", oil on canvas
"Memory", oil on canvas
"Winter in the village 2", pencil
"The surprise", oil on canvas
"Winter in the village1", pencil
"Grandma with the goat", oil on canvas
"Useless", oil on canvas
"Spirits", oil on canvas
"The Industrial Revolution" - Triptych
"The affectionate airship 1", diptych, oil on canvas
"The affectionate airship 2", diptych, oil on canvas
"The sunken village" - Triptych
"Slaughterhouse", oil on canvas
"The tree with the fish", oil on canvas