The custom "Laduvane" -

(Singing to rings, Dailada, Tailada, Dipping of rings) is a Bulgarian custom, which is used to fortune-tell. The ritual is done by young, bachelor men and women. It's carried out in different days throughout the year, but most commonly - around New Year and by maidens. At some places it's done on 14 January - "Vasilyovden"; New Year; St. George's Day (6 May); "Enyovden" (7 July) and some other locally established feasts. The name comes from the refrain repeated in the song accompaniment: "Oy, lado, lado, young girl". Laduvene is a collective foretelling of wedding. Before the holiday the maidens bring "silent water" from the well or spring in a white and new kettle. Then they are dipping their rings or bunches with attached mark (a ring, earring, bracelet or something else) in it. The kettle is covered with a red veil and left overnight under a rose bush or a fruit-tree "to the stars". On the next morning one of the maidens or a little girl (her parents should be alive), dressed as a bride takes out the rings and the bunches while the other are singing short songs ("ladanka").With them they foretell soon or distant wedding, marriage happiness, social state and the qualities of the would-be-husband ...

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