Rhodope mummers
Mummers from Radomir
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Mummer's acting
They are ceremony-magic ritual actions, which have the purpose to expel the evil powers from the house, to save the harvest and also to get fertility. These are folk masquerade games, still done in many places in our country. We suppose, that these games have forcome from the Dionysus' celebrations. Although now they are reduced to put-on and visual effect elements. Until the middle of the twentieth century, the villages were rounded of by mummers fellowships and the ritual was still authentically done. 
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is the ceremonial plumming on with martenitsas in the first day of March. The martenitsa is a heathen amulet, which protects. We believe, that it protects from "evil powers" and does not let them "catch" it's holder.
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"New Year - new luck" - says the folk word; that's why the very rituals themselves have the purpose to insure happiness and prosperity during the future year. The preparations for the celebration start in the last year - on 31 December. The New Year's table is very important and it has to be rich, full of dishes, so the coming year could also be rich and happy. Among the dishes there must be pork, cheese pasty with lucks, loaf with silver coin, garlic, nukes, wheat, red wine and some places they kill red cock. Before sitting on the table, they must turify it. The oldest man, the owner of the house, breaks the loaf, saying for each piece: for the house, for Our Lady, for each and every one of the family. Who has the coin, will be healthy and happy during the whole next year.
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We wear martenitsas - bracelets to be healthy
in the year.
Doll - souvenir martenitsa
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"Mummer's Dance"




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