Balet and dance
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Ballet is one of the finest arts. Dance as art shows innumerable styles and movements combined in harmony with the music. As the author strive to capture the grace, emotion and spirit of the dance and the performers.
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"Ballerina in white - 1", oil on canvas

"The Snow Ballerina - 5", watercolor
"Tango 17", watercolor
"Ballerina in white 15", mixed media
"Ballerina in white 17", mixed media
"In front of the mirror", mixed media
"Ballerina in white 18", mixed media
"Ballerina in carmine 1", mixed media
"Ballerina in white 16", mixed media
"Tango - 2", oil on canvas
"Tango - 1", oil on canvas
"Ballerina in white - 4", oil on canvas
"Ballerina in white - 6", oil on canvas
"Ballerina in white - 11", oil on canvas
"Ballerina - 7", watercolor
"Ballerina - 9", mixed media
"Ballerina - 8", mixed media
"Ballerina - 7", mixed media
"Ballerina in white - 3", watercolor

"Tango - 3", oil on canvas
"Tango - 10", oil on canvas

"Tango - 4", oil on canvas
"Ballerina 16", mixed media
"Ballerina 17", mixed media

"Ballerina in white", watercolor
"Ballerina in pink", watercolor
"Flamenco Ballerina", watercolor
"Ballerina in white - 11", oil on canvas
"Ballerina in white - 14", oil on canvas
"Flamenco Dancer 1", oil on canvas
"Flamenco Dancer 2", mixed media
"Flamenco Dancer 4", mixed media
"Flamenco Dancer 3", mixed media
"Tango 8", oil on canvas
"Tango 11", oil on canvas

"Tango 12", oil on canvas
"Fiery flamenco 3", watercolor
"Fiery flamenco 2", watercolor
"Fiery flamenco 1", watercolor
"Ballerina in Contrajur 1", watercolor
"Ballerina in Contrajur 2", watercolor
"Ballerina in Contrajur 3", watercolor
"Waltz 1", watercolor
"Flamenco 5", watercolor
"Lovers 3", drawing with coffee and wine
"Intimate", oil on canvas
"Lovers 4", drawing with coffee and wine
"Lovers 6", drawing with coffee
"Lovers on the beach", oil on canvas
"Lovers 5", drawing with coffee
"Ballerina 22", watercolor
"Tango 16", watercolor
"Ballerina 21", watercolor
"Tango 13", oil on canvas
"Tango 15", oil on canvas
"Tango 14", oil on canvas
"Ballerina -   Flamenco 2", watercolor
"Ballerina in Carmine 1", watercolor
"Ballerina in blue 21", watercolor
"Ballerina in white 20", watercolor
"Ballerina in blue 22", watercolor
"Ballerina in red 20", watercolor
"Ballerina in white 19", oil on canvas
"Ballerina - butterfly", oil on canvas