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The animals are a huge wealth of our beautiful planet Earth. They prehistoric times are of interest to artists. Drawings of animals lived thousands of years ago found in caves - recreated the first people. On this page we offer paintings and drawings of animals Bulgarian artists.
Check for promotions and discounts on the Gallery page. For questions and orders you can write to our email:
More artworks with horses
"Bear", oil on canvas

Волни коне
"Kitten - 2", watercolor
"Butterfly 2", mixed media
"Butterfly 1", mixed media
"The Eye of the Zebra", oil on canvas

Още творби с пилета
More artworks with roosters
"Black Cat 1", oil on canvas

"Black Cat 2", oil on canvas
"Kittens - 1", watercolor

"Kitten 3", watercolor

"White Cat 4", watercolor

Глава на кон
Глава на кон
Волни коне
"Black Horse 1", ink and brush

"Black Horse 2", ink and brush
"Horse head 3", watercolor

"Free horses 4", ink and brush

"Horse Head 1", mixed media
"Horse Head 2", mixed media
"Free horses 3", ink and brush

"Cat 4", watercolor

"Kitten 5", watercolor
"White Cat 7", watercolor
"Cat 6", oil on canvas

"Friend Sharo", oil on canvas

Bird 1", watercolor

"Bird 2", watercolor

"Bird 3", watercolor
"Owl 1", oil on canvas

"Owl 2", watercolor
"Owl 3", watercolor

"Raven 1", mixed media

"Raven 2", mixed media

"Three Tenors", mixed media

"Rooster 9", oil on canvas
"Rooster 6", oil on canvas

"Rooster 7", oil on canvas

"Roosters fight 2", watercolor

"Rooster 5", oil on canvas
"Roosters fight 1", oil on canvas

"Rooster 4", oil on canvas

"Rooster 8", oil on canvas
"Rooster 12", oil on canvas
Още пейзажи от България
More artworks with birds
"Graceful kitten 1", watercolor
"Fluffy Persian", watercolor
"Stealing", watercolor
"Little kitten 2", watercolor
"Little kitten 3", watercolor
"Little kitten 1", watercolor