The tandem "Ludinel" works in the sphere of stage design since 1993. Scenography of the first outdoor opera in Sofia ("King and carpenter") - the town of Sardaam is our project. As assistant-scenographers of Jorg Brechbull /Germany/ we worked on the opera "Abdiction from the Saraglio" by Mozart in 1994. With it the SMT "Stefan Macedonian" made a tour in Switzerland. We used to take part in workshops, seminars and short theatrical forms. We also worked together with our fellow-students from VIAS and NAA we have worked on interdisciplinal projects of our group "Paltform - C". In 2001 we made the scenography for the production of the Satiric theatre of Sofia "Figures for clarinet" based on plays by Stanislav Stratiev. "Everything about my father" is the heading of the author-play of Merry Shiekova, who is NBU-graduate - "Theater" department. We designed and created the sets. The premiere was on 27 January 2004. We were invited for consulting the director of the play "Servents' comedy" of Teddy Moskov, which took prise at the theatrical festival in Avignon - France. We take orders for projects through the Internet, too. On the artistic problems we correspond with the director. If there is a producer (or manager) we deal the conditions for participation with him. We keep the confidentiality of the information about our contractions. Our E-mail You can find in the link "Contact us".
Stage Design
The performance "Everything about my father"
director: Marry Shiekova,
stage design: Dimitar Petrov
"Figures for clarinet" by Stanislav Stratiev
director: Ivan Urumov, stage design and costumes: Nelly Nenova
"King and carpenter" - an opera at the square
director: Plamen Kartalov, stage design (Saardam): Nelly Nenova and Dimitar Petrov
"Abdiction from the Saraglio" - an opera by  Mozart, director: Plamen Kartalov,
stage design: Jorg Brechtbull (Germany), assistants: Nelly Nenova and Dimitar Petrov
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Едип цар - второ действие
Едип цар - първо действие
Едип цар - трето действие
Вишнева градина - първа сцена
Вишнева градина - втора сцена
Вишнева градина - трета сцена
Вишнева градина - четвърта сцена
Stage design about "Cherry garden"
of Anton Chekhov
stage version: Dimiter Petrov
Stage design about "Euripides tzar"
of Sophocles
stage version: Nelly Nenova