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Full lunar eclipse - June 15, 2011

Full lunar eclipse observed on 15 June 16. It is slow, as the moon was completely in the shadow of the Earth for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Phenomenon can be seen from South America, Europe, East Africa, Central Asia, Middle East and Western Australia. At 21.23 am start partial lunar eclipse and the beginning of full was 22.22 h. At 23.12 pm the eclipse of the moon was at its maximum phase, and at 00.02 pm it was the end.
From Bulgaria phenomenon can be observed from the rising of the moon. In Sofia, she rose at 20.56 pm last time when the moon was completely in the shadow of the Earth for so long, was in July 2000 then the full lunar eclipse lasted 1 hour and 47 minutes.
Lunar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon when the moon, Earth and Sun are aligned in one line and the Moon falls in the shadow of our planet. Sunlight is not closed completely, and part of it reaches the lunar surface and has a reddish tint. So for us our moon seemed dyed in pink and red shades.