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Since I was kid, I most preferred to paint people and landscapes. I fell in love with the beautiful nature and architecture of Bulgaria. When I was a teen, I painted with great plesure the landscape and the landmarks during the school pleners. In SMPS "Applied arts - Sofia I started to build my own ideology. I was collecting knowledge and abillities in the artistic recreating of the reality. I learned the important true, that "Man learns all his life". The job of every creator is exactly this. Even in school I liked to experiment with different materials and basis. That's the way I got through my doubt from the unknown. Now, when some time has expired and I have more experience, I understand, that with fears and doubts you can not handle any problem. For the exhibition I prepared 21 landscape paintings - on canvas or just drafts painted with oil, temper, pastels or mixed tech. For me the pleasure comes from the process of painting. This is a mystery, magic of the imagination, forms and colors."

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"Beach - Sozopol", mixed
"Church - Nessebar 1", mixed media
"Church - Nessebar 2", mixed media
"Beach 2", mixed media
"The Church of Christ Pantocrator, Nessebar 2",
mixed media
"Beach 1", mixed media
"Winter in Bozhentsi",
mixed media

"The Church of Christ Pantocrator, Nessebar", mixed media

"Koprivshtitsa in the autumn", mixed media
"Koprivshtitsa - street", mixed media
"Koprivshtitsa in the spring", mixed media

"Houses in Koprivshtitsa", mixed media
"Roofs", oil paints

"Winter in Koprivshtitsa 2", oil painting

"Winter in Koprivshtitsa 1", oil painting

"Bridge in Koprivshtitsa", oil painting

"Autumn in Koprivshtitsa", oil painting
"Koprivshtitsa houses", oil paints

"Stone Wedding, Bulgaria", oil paintings
Селска къща
"Spring in Staro Stefanovo", oil painting
"River", oil paint

"Sea", oil paint

"Spring in Kovachevitsa 2", oil painting

"Spring in Kovachevitsa", oil painting

"Autumn in the Village", oil painting

"Cart", oil paints

"By the Sea", oil paint

more works
"Forest and river", watercolor
"The end of autumn", watercolor
"Winter in Tryavna", mixed media
"Winter in the Village", watercolor
"Twins Houses, Oborishte Street, Sofia", watercolor
"Plovdiv - winter in the old town", watercolor
"The Church of the Holy Seventy-Catholitics, Sofia", watercolor
"Ivan Vazov National Theater, Sofia", watercolor
"BAS and the Cathedral of Al. Nevski, Sofia", watercolor
more works
"Sea and Beach 1" watercolor
"Sea and Beach 2" watercolor
more works